March 03, 2006

The religion of peace

A protest that turns into a riot and people die. Guess the religion. Yep, it's Islam.

This time a groups of Muslims wanted to protest against George Bush's visit to India, which would be completely fine. They should be free to voice their opinions.

They wanted shopkeepers to close their shops as part of their protest, which would also be completely fine. Shop keepers have the right to not sell anytime they wish.

Then things went a bit pear shaped. Not quite understanding the importance of choice they decided that it was only right to force non-Muslim shop keepers to close as well, whether they wanted to or not. So a group of armed Muslims tried to force the closure of the shops, there was resistance, and three people ended up dead.


Blogger tomdg said...

You'd appreciate this historical snippet.

The fight between Sunni and Shia Islam started when mohammed himself died, and his followers faught over who should succeed him. I wonder if that says something fundamental about the nature of Islam, or whether that's just a historical accident?

2:35 pm  

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